Members Say-So


Name: Dr Jade Scott
Personal Trainer: Lachlan Gibbs
Profession: Owner of Western Region Health, Osteopath and Mother
Starting weight: 71.3kg
End weight (before pregnancy): 66.3kg

Within hours of my daughter being born I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and rushed away for surgery beginning what felt like the worst few months of my life. A once extremely fit and healthy athlete, I was worn down by a disabling condition and the kilos just piled. When I was finally cleared to return to my beloved exercise over a year later, I found it paralyzing to walk into a gym. A previously fierce crossfit competitor with weights and running a daily ritual, I was suddenly afraid of starting all over. New trainers would wrap me in cotton wool, didn't make me accountable for my food, or challenge me like I wanted. Instead they still treated me like a brain tumor patient. Not Lach! He knew what I needed but was also very understanding of my situation.

For the first time in years I felt like someone was not scared to push me. The programs were especially tailored to my individual needs and incorporated accountability for diet and what I was putting in my mouth each day. Within 3 weeks I had lost 5kg and felt the best I had in 3 years.

Struggling to conceive our second child was also a stressful time for me, and now with a new healthy lifestyle and new me, I am happy to report that I am finally pregnant again. I know the weight will creep back on and that I will need to adapt my training over the next 9 months, but with Lach I feel safe to continue exercising through this whole pregnancy.

I can't wait to see what next year brings. Apart from another baby I am confident I will get my old body back and will feel great again. I couldn't recommend Lach highly enough! His passion for the industry is incredible. He has the ability to challenge you to do what you didn't think your body was capable of, all whilst promoting good technique, adequate mobility and with a smile on his face. My only fear is that he will become a super celebrity trainer to the stars and we will lose him to Hollywood! ;)


Name: Allie
Personal Trainer: Tegan Fisher

I started training with Tegan late last year to ‘tighten up’ before a fast approaching beach holiday. Admittedly, my intentions at the time were short term… But once I started training with her, and seeing the results I just couldn’t give her up! On a human to human level, Tegan’s approach is warm, authentic and extremely personable. I am yet to see her without a smile on her face and something positive and encouraging to say. On a professional level, Tegan is highly skilled, incredibly knowledgeable and a true expert in her craft. Tegan’s exceptional ‘trainer intuition’ means she knows exactly how to read me: when to push me and when to just sit with it. Tegan listens to my goals, has tailored a program that meets my needs and keeps me accountable. Thanks to Tegan I am now deadlifting and squatting my way all over the gym! I highly recommend Tegan.


Leah Weinbaum

When did you join South Pacific Williamstown?

How often do you train?
Since September, I’ve been training 2x -3x a week with a personal trainer and 1x-3x a week on my own on average around 4-6 days a week.

What kind of training do you take part in?
I mostly take part in High Intensity Training focusing on the quality of weight training and repetitions. I also enjoy taking the group classes.

What has been your biggest fitness Achievement here at the club?
I am 172cm and the most I have ever weighed in my life is 77Kgs. At that point I knew I had to make a change and that I had let myself go.
I had tried every new fad diet and what I thought was enough exercise without seeing results.  Once I got engaged and the wedding count down was on I wanted to challenge myself so I signed up for personal training sessions and it was the best thing I have ever done in my life!

I have since lost 8 kilos! I now have muscle tone and have dropped 2 dress sizes.

I feel really grateful and lucky that I made the decision to give PT a chance.  In the past I never knew how to go about getting fit but, PT gives you the tools you need to stay fit for life.  I’ve learned so much and I’m never going back to 77kilos nor will I ever stop training hard.  :)


So thanks to the SOUTH PACIFC family and mainly thanks to my trainer Ryan Cunningham who has really pushed me to do things I didn’t know I was capable of and for helping me reach my goals. Ryan has shown me the amount of effort and commitment it really takes to be fit and it’s so worth it!

Who is your favourite staff member?
My favourite staff member is Ryan Cunningham. He is hands down the best trainer and I’m glad I got to go on my fitness journey with him.  He has helped me nail my goals and he’s an all-around good person who is firm yet encouraging and always has a smile on his face.

With that being said there are lots of amazing staff members at South Pacific!! I have also enjoyed training with Ellie, Karlee and Sam who are all great trainers. I have learned new things from each and every one of them. And it’s always a pleasure to see Jade’s smiling face when she greets you at the door.

If you were to tell your friends to become a member of our club what would you say?
The club has state of the art equipment, group classes, great staff and an awesome atmosphere. 

I would highly recommend personal training sessions to anyone who wants to get fit or make a change in their life and definitely doing it a SP Williamstown!



Name: Samantha Cross
Personal Trainer: Nick Fitzpatrick

I am delighted to be able to write a recommendation for Nick Fitzpatrick.

I have known Nick for a few years now in his role as a Group Fitness Instructor at South Pacific Gym in Williamstown.   I have attended various classes led by Nick including Spin and Circuit type classes.  In that capacity I have always found Nick to be an extremely motivated and motivating group leader.  He has the right blend of enthusiasm, encouragement without being overbearing or bullish.  He wants to see the class participants work to their best and I think expects a high standard of each member in terms of their effort.  His Spin classes in particular are one of the best attended at the gym and oftentimes you have to get in early to make sure you reserve a bike in time!

More recently I have attended a ten week ‘Boot Camp’ organised and run by Nick.  Each week Nick set the group of about 10 participants a broad range of exercises and activities to complete.  The exercises were a mixture of cardio and strength based and tailored to the group as a whole.  Each week the routine was different which provided great variety and challenge for the group.  Nick was able to cater for all the different fitness levels and ages of the group and when one of the members sustained an injury halfway through the 10 weeks, Nick was able to tailor her exercises specifically to ensure her recovery wasn’t compromised.

Nick was always very organised – I never felt he came to the ‘Boot Camps’ unprepared and this showed in the dedication of the members – who turned up week after week whatever the conditions were outside.

I would highly recommend Nick as a Personal/Group Trainer as well recommending his Boot Camps to anyone looking for a challenge!


I've been attending SPHC Williamstown since early retirement in 2015. For someone who detests workouts and gyms in general, it's a mighty huge lifestyle change for me. 
In just two years, I have progressed from being frumpy and constantly sickly with colds and coughs, bronchitis and asthma for years, to slowly but surely not only reducing my weight but regaining good health and if and when I do get the odd cold, being able to ward it off in no time!  Apart from that, I feel happy and content knowing that I am taking good care of my health because prevention is a whole lot better than cure as the saying goes!  
I attend the gym 3-4 days a week and take part in yoga (yin and hatha), reformer pilates, strength and stretch on the mat, and a unique program (COTA) for seniors.  Besides I use different gym equipment to strengthen and tone my arms and legs. Nothing I do is really too strenuous but all I can say is persistence pays!  
The mindset that really keeps me going is to make the gym my place of work which is a darn side better than getting paid for a job where you are seated all day in a chair staring at a computer haha!!!! Of course jokes aside some people do have to make a living. But when you realise that taking care of your health should be a priority then no amount of money can buy good health. 
I also find that building rapport with my teachers helps to aid with them indirectly giving you a one on one even in a group class situation. However, I also make sure that I'm having a lot of fun whilst integrating with others around me and of course music plays a crucial part in each and every class I do.  
Many of my personal friends my age suffer from neck, back, knee and shoulder problems and wish they could join a gym but for some it's a bit too late and all they can really do is just go for walks. This is a real shame which is why I've made sure it would not happen to me if I could possibly help it.